Guitar Lick of The Day: SRV Style Lick

The beginning of this one is a typical SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan) style thing. To add a sense of dynamics to the run I end the lick with double stops and hit the strings hard.

  Backing Track (105 bpm)

  Backing Track Slow (80 bpm)



Sound Settings

Marshall JCM 800 simulation, medium drive settings, bass & middle: 11 o'clock, treble: 1 o'clock, reverb: 9 o'clock. I usually have a very slight (barely audible) delay to fatten up the sound.

Scales and Theory

C minor pentatonic scale - aka C blues box (blue dots = root note, C). The C minor pentatonic scale works well in a blues situation, with the chords C7-F7-G7. In a pop/rock situation, it works nicely with the chords Cm, Ddim, Eb, Fm, Gm, G7, Ab, Bb.

Guitar Scale Diagram

Guitar Tip of The Day

Kristofer Dahl, Instructor and Founder of GuitarMasterClass

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