Guitar Lick of The Day: Metallica Style

Today we are going to look at a typical E minor heavy metal riff in the style of Metallica, with palm muting (=right hand dampening), powerchords and the flat fifth (Bb). The flat fifth is also called tritone, and sometimes even diabolus in musica (the Devil's interval) - and it sure is the evil basis of heavy metal riffing.

  Backing Track with guitar (100 bpm)

  Backing Track Original (100 bpm)

  Backing Track Slow (85 bpm)


pm    ...........        .   

Scales and Theory

Here are some tritone intervalls in the key of E, A and D.

Guitar Scale Diagram

The backing riff revolves around these notes:

Guitar Scale Diagram

If you where to take the same the same notes in the key of A, you could either move the previous notes "up" to the A string (to the thinner strings), OR move it horizontally up to the fifth fret;

Guitar Scale Diagram

The E aeolian, E minor pentatonic and even E-dorian are suitable scales over this backing riff.

Guitar Tip of The Day

Kristofer Dahl, Instructor and Founder of GuitarMasterClass

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