Guitar Lick of The Day:
Double Stop Bending

Here is a fairly simple way of producing awesome heavy metal blues à la Kirk Hammett: bend your double stops. The lick is played in E minor pentatonic (for the mostpart). Double stops are just two notes played simultaneously - if you add some bending/vibrato and some wah-wah, this becomes a killer technique.

  Backing Track with Guitar (100 bpm)

  Backing Track Original (100 bpm)

  Backing Track Slow (85 bpm)



Scales and Theory

E minor pentatonic scale (blue dots = root notes, E). This scale works with the chords Em, F#dim, G, Am, Bm, B7, C, D. The "dorian" note is added to the pentatonic scale, in today's lick.

Guitar Scale Diagram

Guitar Tip of The Day

Kristofer Dahl, Instructor and Founder of GuitarMasterClass

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