4 Part Harmony Drop 2 Voicings - Part 2

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC!

    Welcome to 4 Part Harmony Drop 2 Voicings - Part 2 lesson. This lesson is directly related to all triad and 4 part harmony lessons so if you haven't checked those lessons yet, make sure you do so in order to fully grasp this material.

    Drop 2 voicing occurs when we take 2nd note from the top of the chord and drop it down an octave. This lesson covers 1st inversion where some sort of 3rd is in the bottom of the chord.

    Here is the list of chord voicings (from bottom to top note) for whole G major scale harmony using Drop 2 voicings 1st inversion :

    G maj7 = B F# G D

    A min7 = C G A E

    B min7 = D A B F#

    C maj7 = E B C G

    D7 = F# C D A

    E min7 = G D E B

    F# min7b5 = A E F# C

    Key of this piece is G major and we are harmonizing the scale with diatonic 2nds ascending and descending.

    For this lesson I used my Yamaha AEX1500 guitar going through POD X3 LIVE into Nuendo. Effect I used was customized but any clean sound with good balance of EQ's and some delay would work here.

    After you finish this lesson a you will be able to :

    - Understand how to construct Drop 2 voicings 1st inversion all across the guitar neck.

    - See guitar fretboard better and learn notes on it.

    - Improve your finger picking technique.

    - Learn more about major scale harmony and cadences.

    - Learn how to apply this material to fit your needs (improvising, comping, composing etc)

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson. I will see you in part 3 lesson which will cover 2nd inversion of Drop 2 Voicings 4 part harmony in G major scale.


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