8-Finger Tapping Basics #7

by Aleksander Sukovic

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  • Hi there! Welcome to '8-finger tapping basics #7'! In this lesson you will learn two exercises that will help you to gain better control over your tapping fingers when it comes to finger separation.

    In the first exercise, use your left hand index and middle fingers to play two notes, which are then repeated by your right hand index and middle fingers in the same order, after that do the same thing only using your ring and little fingers on both hands. This model is repeated on each string.

    In the second exercise we have the same thing, only now the second pair of notes is played on the third string down from the one we are on at the moment. The third pair of notes is played again on the string we started of, and the pair of notes on the other string, and so on...

    Tuning: EBGDAE;
    Tempo: 110 BPM;
    Time signature: 4/4.

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