Aeolian Metalcore Riffing

by Chowy Fernandez

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  • HI GMC'ers! In this lesson you'll learn another metal riff, this time a little more progressive. The idea is "make it seem it's changing", while in fact the main riff is always the same--the bass and drums are in charge of inspiring that feeling of change.

    We're in the C major tone, but everything is composed in Eolian A minor, the sixth note of the C major scale, also known as the minor relative of C. This means that the only thing we have to do in order to turn the Eolian mode (minor) into Ionian mode (major) is to look
    for C as tonic. The only element changing is the root, but the position remains the same.

    At first there are three 5/4 beats, then we finish with 4/4. Therefore, we get an asymmetric-type ending which is fun to practice and very frequent in styles like, for example, progressive death metal.

    * Standard D
    * D - G - C - F - A - D
    (From thick to thin string)
    * One Whole Step Down
    * It´s a lower tuning for heavier sounds.

    C Major

    Chord Progression:
    A minor - G5 - E/Ab - C7M/A - Amadd9

    * Riffing
    * Recognizing arpeggios and scales
    * Alternate picking
    * Tapping
    * Legato

    * A minor Eolian scale
    * A minor arpeggio

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * My Personal Board
    * General Forum

    Enjoy!/ Chowy

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