Alternate Picking Workout #1

by Darius Wave

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  • Difficulty: 5
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  • Hi there GMC'ers!

    Here's a first lesson of the Alternate picking workout series!

    Practicing with the metronome can be really boring. It's good to practice some basic shapes, but to make it more interesting, let's do it with some drums and famous "Canon Rock" chord progression. It won't be a form of a song with a melody priority. This would be an exercise that will help to improve timming, rhythm execution and changing between slow and fast movements. Good balance between hard and soft/relaxed movements is more than very important while playing fast. If we practice only fast licks, then we could have problems to find moments for loosing the tension of our right hand. This exercise is a way to don't get bored with listening to metronome's click and still spend some time on practicing basic alternate picking shapes.

    To help You better fit the timming, first part of the track is supported with bass drum beats equal to guitar rhythm. Than the bass drum leaves You "on Your own" to handle the similar rhythm sections as in the "supported part".

    Gear used:

    * Hufschmid Headless electric guitar
    * Presonus Inspire 1394 audio interface
    * TSE X50 vst plug-in with catharsis 1on-pres5 cab impulse for solo guitar
    * Spector Performer 4-str bass
    * Ernie Ball 10-46 slinky strings with standard E tuning.

    Tuning: standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E

    Backing track progression is based on the famous "Canon Rock" and repeated through all the exercise:

    4/4 C | G | Am | Em | F | C | F | G ||

    Tempo: Main song tempo is 180 bpm. There are also backing tracks available in 80, 120, 150 and 180 bpm.

    Time signature: 4/4

    Scales used in this lesson:

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