Basic Rock Guitar: Classic Metal Riffing

by Guido Bungenstock

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Hi Guys,

    Welcome to my lesson No. 75

    A new series called BASIC ROCK GUITAR that is made specially for beginners just because a lot of people asked for it.
    From time to time I'll will publish a new lesson of this series where you'll find some useful informations, riffs, rhythms and simple solo techniques so that you can immediately start to rock your guitar! :-D

    BASIC ROCK GUITAR(Metall Riffing)

    In this cool lesson I made three parts with typical metal riffs.

    The A Part is in normal tempo, the B Part has a double time feel and the C Part has a half time beat. So switching betwenn these parts is a very good exercise for your timing!

    Have fun!

    The structure of the Jam track:

    A Part 0:00-0:19
    | E5 |E5 D A| E5 |E5 A5 G5|
    | E5 |E5 | E5 |F# F5|

    B Part 0:20-0:36
    | E5 D5 |E5 G5 | E5 A5 E5 G5 | E5 |
    | E5 D5 |E5 Bb5 | A5 G5 | E5 |

    C Part 0:37-0:58
    | E5 G5 |E5 | E5 G5 |E5 |
    | E5 G5 |E5 | E5 G5 |E5 |

    Have fun! ;-)

    Final words

    I tried to transcribe as close as possible. Specially in the Guitar Pro file you'll find all this little extras!

    Cheers - Guido

    Technical specifications
    Guitar: Music Man Luke II
    Strings: D'Addario NYXL 009
    Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire PRO 24
    Recording SW: Logic Pro X, several plugins

    Kemper Profiling Amp: Me Boo Dual Fire (merged)
    Matrix GT1000FX with Marshall 2x12" V30 (for monitoring)

    The profiles are available for purchase here:

    Standard Tuning E, A, D, G, B, E

    Tempo: 110 BPM

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