Bass First Steps: Legato and Staccato

by Bogdan Radovic

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  • Do you want to start playing bass? Need help starting out?

    Bass first steps is a series of videos which will lead you through your bass playing journey from the very beginning to mastering advanced bass chops! Videos will guide you step by step and you'll be prepared to tackle all the other bass lessons we have at GMC!

    In this lesson you will get control over the sustain of your notes by learning about terms legato and staccato, how to play those notes, what are differences and how to gain control over them. Its time to get your technique under control!


    - Legato and staccato playing

    - Defining term legato

    - Defining term staccato

    - How to play legato

    - How to play staccato

    - Various legato and staccato exercises inluded!

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