Beginner Slide Guitar

by Chris Harrington

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  • Difficulty: 3
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  • HEY GMC!

    In this lesson i've put together a 12 bar blues piece that demonstrates how to use a slide/bottleneck when playing slide blues.

    The two things you will need when playing this style is a slide (glass, brass or chrome) and an open tuning (in this case open E major)

    Our strings are tuned to E B E G# B E, this is an important part of slide due to the slide being flat we need the strings to line up in a tuning that resembles a chord. During the breakdown video I talk about slide positioning and this is very important if you want to sound in tune when playing, it may take some adjusting as its very different to playing the guitar with your fingers but the rewards are great!

    Hope you enjoy the lesson and have fun!

    TIME : 4/4
    TEMPO : 96BPM
    TUNING : E B E G# B E


    Lakewood M1
    Rev Willy's Mojo Glass Slide (jim dunlop) medicine bottle style.
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