Ben's Land Of Legato 4

by Ben Higgins

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  • Hi GMCers This time we're looking at licks that have a Joe Satriani vibe to them. Instead of wide scalar licks, we're using 2 note hammer on/pull off licks and combining it with position shifting to get that Satriani sound.

    The most difficult part of these type of licks is shifting your fingers in time. We use the index finger to shift frets and it can be difficult to maintain your control. So this is a great test of timing as well as dexterity. The first half of the lesson begins slowly, introducing you to the shapes and the technique required before we up the tempo and start surfing with the alien.

    * A Minor Scale
    * A Aeolian Mode

    110 bpm.

    As always, remember to warm up before attempting licks that are demanding on your hands and The Only Opponent Is Within'.

    If you have any questions:
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    Rock @ Roll!/ Ben

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