Ben's Land Of Legato 5

by Ben Higgins

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  • Hi GMC'ers! I'm back with the last tantalising instalment of my legato series. I'm expecting your fingers to have been pushed to their limits in your quest for legato, so this time you should be ready and hungry for us to increase the intensity!

    This lesson incorporates things that we've seen in the previous lessons and introduces a new concept to you. 5 note legato patterns. Their odd pattern means it can be difficult to know how to place them over a beat, but if you watch the spoken video I've explained how I place them over this 4/4 backing. These 5 note patterns are worth the effort because they sound great once you have mastered them.. they sound like the sort of thing Chris Poland would have played in Megadeth.

    As before, the backing track and chord progression should be familiar to you... tempo remains at 110bpm as does the key of Am.

    If you have any questions:
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    Enjoy, and don't skip warming up!/ Ben

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