Blues Shuffle Minor/Major 3rd

by Javier Aviles

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  • Greetings from Granada (Andalucia, Spain)!

    Thanks for watching my new lesson. Blues Shuffle Minor/Major 3rd is an example how you can use Pentatonic minor scale with Major 3rd note. Every time you play over a Major Chord you can use Major 3rd of the chord while you move over Pentatonic Minor Scale.

    Music Style:
    Robben Ford

    Tonality & Chords:
    G Major (Mixolydian mode)

    Bending, muted strings, legato, bridge harmonics.

    I used an Engl amp

    Standard tuning: E,A,D,G,B,E

    120 BPM (Slow parts at 60 BPM)
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