Blues Slide Chords

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my new lesson!
    If you're playing the same blues guitar chords over and over again during your 12 bar blues jam, maybe you should try something a bit different.

    Slides are a basic guitar technique that you'll find in every style of music. A slide is just what it sounds like: sliding your finger either up, down, to or from notes. This lesson deals with the playing of this technique in combination with the chords. While the techniques for playing slide on the single string doesn't represent a big problem, playing slide with chords require a little more concentration and strength of the left hand.

    We will use four types of these technique > Shift, Legato, Descending and Ascending Slide :

    - Shift slide - a basic slide from one note to another. Both notes will be picked. This slide is common when switching positions.
    - Legato slide - strike the first note and then slide your finger to another note without striking the second note.
    - Descending slide - strike the note and then slide all the way down the fretboard to no particular note.
    - Ascending slide - similar to the descending slide, except you slide all the way up the fretboard.

    Guitar : Ibanez 3120 Japan Custom

    Equipment : Sonar8 DAW, Guitar Rig5 plugin, Amplitube3

    Tempo : 120 bpm

    Signature : 6/8

    Chord progression : A7/D7/E7/

    Key signature : A

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