Blues Jazz Improvisation in A

by Marius Pop

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  • Hello GMC!
    This lesson is about Blues! Or Jazz..? Or both...?

    There are a couple of thing I wanted to show you in this leson:

    1 - How to follow each part of a standard blues 1-4-5 progresion
    2 - What you can play instead of the standard Minor Pentatonic.
    3 - How you can use the Mixolydin mode to add a jazzy feel to a blues song.

    The backing track follows a standard 1-4-5 blues progression.
    The chords are A7, D7, E7
    The tempo is 120
    Time signature is 4/4

    The structure is:
    Part 1: Basic riff
    Part 2: Improvisation in Major Penttonic and Major Penttonic add 3m
    Part 3: Inprovisation in Mixolydian Mode and Mixolydian add 3m

    I tabbed for you the chord progression, the riff and some licks I used in the improvisation.

    Learn the scales, the licks, search GMC for other Pentatonic or Mixolydian licks and try to improvize!


    Please let me know what you think!

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