Chicken Picking Ballad

by Chris Shofner

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  • The "Chicken Picking Ballad" is based on a 60's era pop rock rhythm with a snappy country style solo. The tone is clean and twangy. Use the bridge pickup and a hybrid picking style. This lesson is on the easier side with a slower tempo and short, simple lines. Style is key. Check out my other videos for an introduction to hybrid picking.

    Key: D
    Chords: D, Em, A, D, Em, C, Bm, A
    Time Signature: 4/4
    BPM: 80
    Gear: Partscaster Tele>Vox AC15C!>Shure SM57>Presonus>Ableton Live


    D Major Pentatonic


    A Bluesy Pentatonic

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