Chord Melody Workout -  Half Diminished...

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    In this lesson we are going to learn all the chords inversions (Drop2 & Drop3) of the E Half Diminished Chords or E minor seventh flat five.
    Here's the chord formula : 1 b3 b5 b7 = E G Bb D
    It's the seventh chord in the F Major tonality. As in previous Chord Melody Workout lessons, we are adding notes from the F Major scale.

    The half diminished could sound a little weird at first, particularly in the lesson because it's not included in a chord progression so you're hearing the same "colour" all the time.
    But it's a very important chord to know with multiple uses!

    At this point we learned all the seventh chords from the F Major scale : M7 (FM7) / m7 (Gm7) / 7 (C7) / m7b5 (Em7b5).
    You just have to transpose the voicings to get all the other chords (Am7 / BbM7 / Dm7).
    Now it's time to use all the voicings in chords progression.

    Here are some suggestions :

    1/ II V I : Gm7 / C7 / FM7
    2/ VI II V I : Dm7 / Gm7 / C7 / FM7
    3/ III VI II V I : Am7 / Dm7 / Gm7 / C7 / FM7
    4/ VI7 II V I : D7 / Gm7 / C7 / FM7

    Good luck!

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