Chord Picking Etude

by Alex Feather

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my new lesson!
    It is very important to synchronize your hands together and this lesson will help you do that! You will also develop alternative picking and will improve your timing.
    When you are practicing this lesson, make sure to use a metronome and have a full control over your hands!

    Key signature: This progression in a key of C major.

    Tempo: 90 BPM

    Tom Anderson Telecaster
    Ugly Amps - Ugly 18
    ZMG - Aspid Drive
    Waves plugins
    Apogee ensemble

    I hope you will have a lot of fun practicing this lesson and that you will learn a lot about chord picking.
    You should also see a big improvement in your timing after learning this lesson!

    Have fun!

    Chords used:

    C major

    G major

    A minor

    E minor

    D minor

    F major

    G major (bar chord)


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