Country Rock: Persecution Song

by Fernando Culen

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  • Hi friends of GMC! How are you?
    Firstly, i would like to explain how I named this lesson. I was thinking about doing a country lesson (or something like that) but one day seeing an episode of "The Simpsons", where Homer and his father fled from a lot of people accompanied by country music, and when the music stopped people ceased the hunt. I realize that "persecution song" was the best nam for this track. I recommend this episode, it´s amazing.

    Let´s work!
    We´re going to work in a country style, a lot of guitarist use this style in a lot of parts of their songs (Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani, Steve Ray, Kenny Wayne, etc).

    I recommend to play each part slowly, later faster, and when you can play in the original tempo(160), play whith the backing.

    We work with the classic techniques: slides, legatos and a lot of picking, (i love this music to practice my right hand!). We are playing in the E major scale.

    To record, I set my pedal board (boss gt8), with a "twin reverb" preamp, and a tube screamer pedal.
    Well I hope you enjoy this like me! Thank´s for watch. See you in the next Lesson! Thank you.


    E major pentatonic



    E Major pentatonic:

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