Country Set Break Solo

by Chris Shofner

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  • The “Country Set Break Solo” adds a lead section to a previous lesson, “Country Set Break.” This solo stylistically is chicken picking with a twangy tone, double-stop pull-offs, and triple-stop bends. A big key to this lesson is the hybrid picking. If you are not yet comfortable with this technique be sure to check out some of my previous videos that teach it from the ground up. Try the bridge pickup, a slightly dirty sound, a compressor, and a little slap back delay.

    Key: C
    Chords: C7#9, F7, A, D7#9, Db7#9, G7
    Time Signature: 4/4
    BPM: 110

    Gear: Tele>Wampler Ego Compressor>ZVex SHO Clone>Pedalmonsters Klone>TC Electronic Alter Ego X4>Vox AC15>Shure SM57>Presonus>Ableton Live

    Scales Used:

    C Bluesy Pentatonic

    C Pentatonic

    A Pentatonic

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