Creative Pentatonic Scale Soloing

by Fayeed Tan

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  • Difficulty: 8
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    THE PROFESSOR As you can see and hear in this expert lesson from Fayeed, the Pentatonic Scale can open up a world of possibilities beyond the normal conventions when looked at from different angles and in different areas of the fretboard. 

    When working on the material in this lesson, it’s important to know how to build and play the Aeolian Mode, Ionian Mode and Minor Pentatonic Scale, the three scales featured in this lesson. That way you will be prepared to rock these sounds out in your own playing, take them into your practicing and jam them out in your next rockin’ guitar solo. 

    What's up GMC!?

    Here's another cool lesson for all you pentatonic scale lovers! This lesson will let you know the different places on the fretboard where you can play the pentatonic scale.

    Take notice of the scale choices below and watch my left hand closely as I go through that scale with my licks. Now I know what some of you guys might be thinking, "Why am I saying it's E pentatonic while I'm playing on the key of D".

    Answer is that the D major scale and the E minor pentatonic has almost the same exact notes. So when you're playing E minor then the chords shifted to a D major. You can easily stick to E minor pentatonic scale and still ROCK! at it. ;)

    Never forget to take this lesson step by step or day by day if you have to for best results.

    I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!

    Gear used:

    Guitar: DnD custom DC2 (Philippine brand)
    Strings: Elixir Nanoweb
    Effects: Amp effects & drive
    Amp: Fender Stage 1000

    Standard tuning: E, A, D, G, B, E

    Tempo:170 bpm

    Recording gear:
    Shure PG81
    Shure SM57
    Roland UA-25 EX
    Adobe Audition CS6 as DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)






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