Dark Rose

by Thiago Trinsi

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  • Difficulty: 8
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  • Hi Folks!

    Here I am with my first lesson for GMC and I am very happy to present you an original piece called Dark Rose! It is a kind of Hard Rock Style with some nice tapping technique exploring the 4ths and 5ths in a C#m7 pentatonic way, I did add the 9th interval into it so keep it in mind!

    The song starts with riffs in C#m/ B/ C#m...E /B...C#m/ B/ C#m..F#m/ A/ E/ B/D#...
    I also use C#m7 Aeolian mode and there is a part in the song that goes to "C" and "D" where I play over C Lydian and D Mixolydian modes! That´s because I play a 4 and 5 fingers style of tapping which pretty much starts from C Lydian reaching the D Mixolydian mode.

    In the Bluesy part it is just pentatonics, I use mostly Em7 combined with Em6, E dominant Pentatonic and blue-note.
    As I am playing over E7 Chord I used E7 MiXolydian scale to finish that part.

    Here you have the main video with full performance of the song in 140 bpm and I also have a sequence of 10 videos where I break down every lick showing you them in the slow mode. I recommend you to go step by step with this lesson to get a better result.

    I hope you have a great time with this lesson! I see you next time!


    Guitar used:
    Fender USA Highway 1
    Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel 0.10
    Effect: I used Guitar Rig 4 the chain was guitar + Focusrite 24 pro + iMac in to my Cubase 5, and to get this sound I used a combination of Gratifier on the Vintage mode + 4X12 Vintage cabinet V1 with the green distortion pedal on the top of everything called "Screamer" with the Delay from Cubase plugins called "MonoDelay" and here is what I´ve changed there to get this sound on the solo guitar: Delay/1/4, Feedback/10.5, Mix/10.0 then you are ready to go!

    Tempo: 140 bpm

    Key: E

    Recording Gear:

    Cubase 5
    Guitar Rig 4
    iMac 27
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