Drop D Heavy Time

by Ben Higgins

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Welcome to Drop D Heavy Time!

    The 2 main features of this lesson are Drop D (of course!) and a time signature of 12/8.

    You will recognise the 12/8 metal sound from such songs as 'Keine Lust' by Rammstein and 'I'm Alive' by Anthrax. It usually allows for repetitive chugging of riffs on the 8th notes and can really sound like things are driving along.

    The great thing about Drop D is that you play power chords with just 1 finger which enables you to make quicker chord changes. Your fingers can move as if you were playing single notes but you'll be strumming 2 notes which gives the full sound of a Root+5th power chord.

    There are some challenging stretches in this lesson for the fretting hand so make sure you are warmed up before attempting those!

    This lesson will work your timing, left hand strength and downstroke ability.

    Tempo: 180bpm

    Meter: 12/8

    Gear: Marshall JVM 140 H. OD2, Orange setting.

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