Early Megadeth Style

by Laszlo Boross

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  • Hi everyone and welcome to this more metal sounding lesson! This lesson brings back the memories of early Megadeth songs for me. The solo is also based on samples of 80’s 90’s metal solo patterns.

    In the beginning of the lesson we can hear the riff only. Structure of the riff is: A B A C
    So the first and the third part is repeated. The key of the whole riff is E phrygian dominant.
    This is repeated and extended with some bended notes. In the second circle after a modulation we continue it in an E pentatonic scale that is ended with an open string pull off part.
    Newer modulation and a picking exercise in E mixolidian then the last theme will follow from this in E phrygian dominant again.

    Techniques used in this lesson:
    -pull offs
    -palm muting

    Have fun practicing

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