Etude No.1 - Melodic Independence

by Chris Harrington

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  • HEY GMC!

    Welcome to my new lesson. I've put together an Etude which focuses on 'melodic independence'. The approach is to give the melody freedom from what the accompanying parts are doing. This approach creates a nice divide between melody and accompaniment but also brings with it some tricky stretches and asks our fretting hand to work in new ways.

    The inspiration for this lesson comes from the freedom a pianist has with two hands, the melody being unaffected by the accompaniments movement. This is of course trickier on guitar due to us commonly using one hand for both accompaniment and melody.

    I hope you enjoy the challenge that this piece brings and that it can give you ideas when writing your own pieces for solo guitar in the future.

    TIME: 4/4
    TEMPO: 60BPM

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