Extreme Metal Riffing 3

by Chowy Fernandez

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  • Hi there GMC lovers!

    I´m glad to present this example, a composition I made for my band, Pronoia. It's a new song, just
    finished, completely based on the E diminshed scale, with a change in the A minor harmonic scale.

    This lesson contains a clear example of how to use tapping in a riff in a very rhythmical way
    and as an "ornament" before the transition to another part. The tonic and the flat 5 are marked with
    the left hand, while the right hand is in charge of tapping in the octave. If this inspires you new ideas,
    try them in different ways and with different notes in each hand. Remember this kind of tapping
    not only sounds great when added into a riff but also can solve a problem when you're stuck!

    As for the change to A, it's a gloomy melody in the A minor harmonic scale. The spooky sound
    is due to the flat 5 and augmented 5, which always give both a dark tone and a special color to any song!
    This stuff is worth investigating, dudes! Go for it!

    I hope you find this lesson useful. Regards everybody!


    E flat5- G5 - F sharp5 - F5 - A5 - G flat5

    string skipping

    E diminished scale

    A minor harmonmic scale

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