Eyes Of Fire

by Thiago Trinsi

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  • Difficulty: 9
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  • Hi folks at GMC!

    Here I am with a new lesson for you, be prepared for some sick tapping technique showcase!
    Few years ago I developed a different idea of tapping for solo situation. It is playing over arpeggios, I pretty much play one shape with my left hand and an inversion of the same arpeggio with my right hand using 8 fingers starting the first note with my right hand.

    To be able to do that I store the pick between my thumb and index/palm of my right hand, this way you can access the pick in the easiest and fastest way to continue soloing, note that I do this very naturally but only because I spent some time practicing the move, I never thought I would need to practice my right hand in order to store a pick until I came up with these ideas of tapping using 8 fingers.

    This is the first time I am using this kind of tapping for a lesson, I played something like that many years ago when I was taking part of Dean guitars competition and I created a song where I perform kind of the same idea of tapping. I didn't won that competition that time but I got a lot of emails requesting tabs for that particular moment of the video. If you want to check, it is my song called "Fire" on youtube, the moment is 0:49, you can also see it in the presentation of my introduction video I made for GMC, it is the final song I play.

    Anyway, coming back to this lesson now, this is my song called "Eyes of Fire", and it is in Dm7 (Aeolian mode).
    In this song you will find some challenges like playing 8 fingers tapping in a solo.

    Make sure you play in the very slow mode and try to play as clean as possible muting with your right and left hand:

    * Right hand - use the palm of your hand
    * Left hand - use the tip of each finger to mute the higher string

    Another challenge is into play sixtuplets (6 notes per beat) and octuplets (8 notes per beat) in the same lick using alternate picking technique, for sure it is a good exercise if you are looking at get better at controlling dynamics.

    I hope you enjoy it and I see you again in the next lesson!


    Guitar used:
    Fender USA Highway 1
    Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel 0.10
    Effect: I used Guitar Rig 4 the chain was guitar + Focusrite 24 pro + iMac in to my Cubase 5, and to get this sound I used a combination of Gratifier on the Vintage mode + 4X12 Vintage cabinet V1 with the green distortion pedal on the top of everything called "Screamer" with the Delay from Cubase plugins called "MonoDelay" and here is what I´ve changed there to get this sound on the solo guitar: Delay/1/4, Feedback/10.5, Mix/10.0 then you are ready to go!

    I usually make all my drums using EZDrummer or Addictive drums, but this time I have a great friend of mine, Søren Kepler drumming on this track, he is the head of Music Academy in Denmark, as far as very talented he is a very nice guy!

    Tempo: 94 bpm

    Key: F

    Recording Gear:

    Cubase 5
    Guitar Rig 4
    iMac 27
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