Flamenco First Pieces: Farruca

by Sergio Dorado

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  • Hi!

    Today will see another style of our first repertoire: The Farruca. This style was in the origins a song of the emigrants of Galicia. It preserves the minor tonality as a memory of this melancholy. It´s usually played in the key of A minor.
    We will study the pmi arpeggio, playing triplets. There is a melody with thumb in several passages that you must play resting (apoyando). Pay attention to change positions, and try that melody sounds clear.

    It appears two formulas of rasgueo: index down up and amii rasgueo playing 16 notes. Remember that one key for rasgueado is to hold properly fingers, and another key is to think in rhythm. May be the most difficult part is incorporate tap in rasgueo, so be patient with yourself, and play slow. For this you can consult the series of 50 rasgueo exercises.

    See you!

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