Flamenco First Pieces: Solea

by Sergio Dorado

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  • Hi flamenco lovers!

    Today I present a piece for anyone that wants introduce himself to the fantastic world to flamenco guitar. This style has a lot of special features, in techniques as well as in a musical language, and I think that the unique way to learn properly is having graduated pieces (and technical studies) that the student will be able to play in a short-medium period of time. When you´re learning, it´s better to play 4-5 little easy pieces than only one difficult theme (because in this way you will incorporate concepts more naturally, and save a lot of mistakes).

    Also, in flamenco there are many different styles (such as soleá, taranta, malagueña, minera, tangos, verdiales, seguiriya, etc) and having little falsetas in everyone of them is a good way to take a glipsy to their special characteristics and nuances.

    So it´s the moment to dust off your spanish guitar!

    Technically, what you will learn today is thumb, thumb-index and golpe (tap in the box), in the style of Soleá.

    Have fun!

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