Funk Rock Arpeggios

by Laszlo Boross

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  • Hello Everyone!
    I would like to show you some pentatonic, blues scale and arpeggio runs to a simple funk backing in A-minor. In the first part of the solo, as usually, I use the simple pentatonic scale combining with the blues scale. But our playing can be even more interesting by adding some arpeggios to our lead. In the second part I've incorporated some arpeggios and this is the more difficult part of the solo. All arpeggios are in A-minor but in three different positions. These are sliding arpeggios which begin in the fifth position and finishes in the twelve.

    The techniques that I use involves the following:






    The chord progression involves the following chords:A-min7, A-min9#/13#, A-min9/13

    Have fun!


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