Gary Moore Inspired Bending #2

by Piotr Kaczor

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  • Hi all! Welcome to the second part of my Gary Moore bending series
    Today we will work in the style which I truly love, so watch the main video and you will know what I'm talking about :)
    Once again we will play pretty huge intervals with bending technique. You have to remember - your wrist is the key to play cool bends and vibrato.

    I used mostly C major pentatonic scale and blues scale.

    We are going to use:
    - bending,
    - vibrato,
    - palm muting

    This is the preset I used for the POD XT live for this lesson:

    Amp: 1993 Solo 100 Head Drive 6 - Bass 5 - Middle9 - Treble 4 - Presence 6
    Cab: 4x12 1996 Brit Celest V-30s
    Rev: Cavernous - Mix 39%
    Delay: Analogl Delay 95bpm (8th notes)
    Stomp: Blue Comp

    The lesson is available in the guitar pro 5 file, backing tracks included.

    Have fun practicing!


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