Green Day: When I Come Around

by Adrian Figallo

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  • Hello boys and girls, today i'm playing one of my favorite songs from the 90's, it's the Green Day hit "When I Come Around", it's a song from the best seller "Dookie".

    It's a very very easy song, PERFECT, and i mean PERFECT for beginners, super easy structure, classic chord progressions, and a super easy rythmic oriented solo!

    This was one of the first songs i ever learn on the guitar, and my first solo :)!

    On the other hand, for the guitar players that didn't put too much effort on the rythmic playing it's great too, very groovy palm mutes!

    So the chords we are using are:

    And the scale we are using:

    The song structure is the following:

    Intro (6 bars)
    Verse (16 bars)
    Chorus (4 bars)
    Intro (4 bars)
    Verse (16 bars)
    Chorus (4 bars)
    Intro (4 bars)
    Solo (4 bars)
    Chorus (4 bars)
    Verse (8 bars)

    And by the way, this lesson is full of power chords, so if you dont know how to play power chords, check this cool lesson by Kris, the guitar man himself.


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