Guitalele Ethnic

by Javier Aviles

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  • -Guitar Lesson:
    What is a Guitalele? A mix of ukulele and guitar. I have composed ethnic music for this Guitalele lesson, I think it's interesting for the use of chords, arpeggios and scales in such a small instrument and with a sound so attractive.

    -Music Style:
    ethnic, irish

    -Tonality & Scales:
    Dm Dorian

    chords, strumming, arpeggios, escales

    I used a Yamaha Guitalele and a Neumann U87 microphone.

    Guitalele tunig: A, D, G, C, E, A

    -Tempo & Beat:
    120bpm (Slows 60bpm)

    -Chord Progression:
    |  Dm  |  Dm  |  Dm  |   G   | x2  
    | Dm F | C/E C | Dm F |   G   | x2
    |   G   | G  F,C |   G   | G  Am,C |
    |   G   | G  F,C |   G   |    A    |
    |  Dm  |  Dm  |  Dm  |   G   | x2  
    |  Dm  |


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