Guns N' Roses: Don't Cry solo

by Zsolt Galambos

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  • Hi everyone!

    And welcome to my attempt to play the famous Guns N' Roses: "Don't Cry" solo. This solo is one of the most famous that Slash played in Guns N' Roses.

    Slash needs no introduction: Afro haired, a Gibson Les Paul guitar, and his top hat makes this man a unique character. His style is deeply rooted in blues and has a very characteristic stlye.

    "Don't Cry" is the the fourth track on the "Use Your Illusion I". The solo is simple but very melodic and full of emotions.

    This solo includes:

    -bluesy licks
    -bluesy phrasing

    This lesson is in Eb tuning: Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb.

    Have fun practicing!

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