Guthrie Govan Style Arpeggios

by Cosmin Lupu

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Hey there GMC army!

    Time for some nice arpeggios in the style of Guthrie Govan, played over a dreamy Lydian progression! If you have listened to his song called ‘Waves’ you are most likely going to recognize the style and emulate it with the aid of this lesson!

    Here’s what you will be able to improve:

    - sweep picking
    - arpeggio shapes
    - following a progression by using arpeggios
    - building stamina
    - melodic approach to phrasing

    Here are some more Guthrie related lessons for all you Guthrie enthusiasts: Guthrie Govan Lessons

    Let’s rock!


    Chord progression: Aadd9 C#m Badd11 F#m7add11 Aadd9 Badd11 C#m
    Aadd9 C#m Badd11 F#m7add11 Aadd9 Badd11 E

    Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

    Chords (from thick to thin):

    Aadd9 – 577600
    Badd11 – 799800
    C#m – x46650
    E maj – 022100
    F#m7add11 - 244200

    Meter: 4/4

    Tonality: E major

    Scales: A Lydian

    Tone settings: Bass – 10 o’clock, Mids – 10 o’clock, Highs – 1 o’clock, Gain – 12 o’clock, using the crunch channel of my AMT ss20 Pre-amp.

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