Hard Rock Power Chords - Beginner

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMCers,

    In this lesson you'll learn how you can play a certain power chord in several varieties (inverting). For hard rock and metal,this example is mainly the three-note "power chord".
    Also, you'll learn how we can stroll keynote along with bass guitar.

    Power chords are not really chords. Chords are 3 notes or more, whereas power chords only have 2 different notes. A more correct name would be "power intervals" because they only contain two different notes. Usually power chords are composed of the root, a perfect 5th interval, and the root note doubled at a higher pitch (called an octave). Basically they are just like playing perfect 5th intervals and doubling up a note or two.

    *I advise you to look at this article related to Power chords.

    Find the desired pickup setting. Bridge pickups usually tend to give the heaviest and most aggressive sound but this could vary from guitar to guitar.

    Equipment and sound settings:

    DAW: Sonar 8,Guitar Rig4 plugin,Ibanez SC3120 Japan Custom
    Chord progression: D5/C5/B5/G5
    Tuning: standard EADGBE
    4/4 , 100bpm

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