Hypermodal Ballad

by Juan Cortes

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • One of the most important things you’ll have to pay attention in order to play modes,
    is to construct longer chord sequences and to combine different keys. Also - pay attention to the second and fourth chord. They are in the same key. This creates color and contrast.

    This is a modal ballad, with an interesting chord sequence, all in 4/4. Pay attention to phrasing and tone, as well as the fastest licks. It is also very important to pay attention to the extension notes that define the modes.

    The techniques used here are:

    Legato, lots of hammers and pull offs for the scale combinations, hybrid picking (excellent technique for triads and arpeggios as my view, but you can also use it with sweeps as you consider). Try using string picking to build wide intervals, so as lots of glissandos, bends and vibratos.

    Chord sequence and modes:

    Em11 Aeolian
    EbMaj7#11 Lydian
    Ab Lydian
    Gm7 Aeolian
    Em9 Aeolian
    Cm11 Dorian
    Ab Lydian
    Gm7 Dorian & Phrygian to Em9 Aeolian.

    Good luck!

    Ab lydian:

    C dorian:
    E Aeolian:
    Eb Lydian:
    G Dorian:
    G Phrygian:
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