It's Gone - Rhythm Section

by Diego Budicin

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    THE PROFESSOR When working on complex chord progressions such as the very cool changes in this lesson by Diego, having a strong understanding of how triads and their inversions are built can go a long way in taking care of many of these cool-sounding chord grips. 

    Learning how to play major triads and their inversions, as well as minor triads and their inversions on the guitar will both come in handy when learning how to play funky chord changes such as these, as well as understand how those chords are built and laid out on the fretboard. 

    Hey guys!

    In this lesson we will play the rhythm section of a song that I wrote recently.

    Basically it’s a groove in E minor with a nice chord progression, useful if you are willing to learn different chord positions on the guitar. I use a lot of hybrid picking, playing both with my pick and my fingers of the right hand. Remember to play it slow and to figure out the chord shapes before practicing it at the normal speed.

    It is a rock/blues ballad recorded at 80 bpm. This tune works a lot on the dynamics while you're playing in a dynamic style similar to “forte" and “piano”. The hybrid picking will force you to learn to control your fingers and your right hand in general. Of course, pay attention to the timing.

    Hope you guys dig it and stay tuned for the lead solo of the song.

    Guitar : Ibanez Andy Timmons Signature, AT100CL

    Equipment : Laney Ironheart Studio recorded with an Isobox using two microphones: the Shure SM 57 and the Samson CS-2.

    Tempo : 80 bpm

    Signature : 4/4

    Chord progression

    | Em7 G | C D/F# E/G# |

    | Am7 D#7(5#) D#7sus2(b5) | C sus2 Em7 |

    | Am Bb add9 | Cm/Eb D#m (Maj7)/C

    | Em7 G | C D/F# E/G# |

    | Am7 D#7(5#) D#7sus2(b5) | C sus2 Em7 |

    | Am Bb add9 | Cm/Eb D#m (Maj7)/C

    | Em7 G | Csus 2 D |

    | Em7 G | Csus 2 D |

    | Em7 G | Csus 2 D |

    | Em7 G | Csus 2 D/F# E/G# |

    | Am7 D#7(5#) D#7sus2(b5) | C sus2 Em7 |

    | Am Bb add9 | Cm/Eb D#m (Maj7)/C |

    Key signature : E minor with some modal change in the main riff.

    Techniques used :

    - Hammer on/Pull off
    - Legato
    - Hybrid Picking (pick + fingers)

    Have fun and stay tuned for the lead solo!

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