Maiden Made Easy

by Ben Higgins

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  • Hi and welcome to my new lesson. This time we are looking at some basic rhythm ideas that are found within the music of Iron Maiden.

    Iron Maiden really need no introduction to any rock or metal fan and the music is familiar enough to most of you so that you can recognise certain traits. These traits include; harmonised guitars, use of the I, VI, VIII chord progression and the famous gallop rhythm. All of these will be looked at in the lesson.

    In terms of technique you will improve:

    -Picking technique / Gallop
    -Down strokes
    -Palm muting

    You will also learn how to construct a basic guitar harmony the Iron Maiden way.

    Learning this lesson will give you the skills and confidence to delve further into metal guitar playing so that you may tackle lessons of higher difficulty and improve your abilities.


    E A D G B E - Standard Tuning
    100 bpm
    Marshall JVM 410H. OD2, Orange setting. Bass 2, Mid 4, Treb 8, Gain 4
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