Mateus Asato Licks

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to this lesson covering the amazing guitar style of Mateus Asato.

    In this lesson you'll find 5 licks that combine his most used techniques, elements and tricks over the same chord progression. The licks are based mostly on his Instagram improvisations and recreate his phrasing which is tasty and very expressive. His main influences are John Mayer, Derek Trucks, Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck, among many others. However his style is very personal and it's also influences by the fact that he likes listening and playing a wide variety of styles like Pop, Blues, Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz and Folk.

    The licks are in E major key, so the scales used here are E major and E Pentatonic major. The techniques covered here are bending, vibrato, alternate picking, double stops (thirds, fourths and sixths).

    Besides his fresh style and expressive playing, it's important to put some attention into his tasty tone. He usually prefers low gain sounds, warm/dark eq balance and very notable ambience generated by the use of Reverb and Delay. In some cases he also adds modulation like Chorus, and Tremolo, as well as Fuzz, but not very frecuently.

    I've used Poulin plugins to create the guitar tone. These are free amp emulators that are extremely recommended. The cabinet used for this guitar tone is LexTac and before it a tube screamer emulation. Check out the settings:

    I've also added Altiverb Reverb, and Cubase's mono delay.

    I used Cubase to record audio and midi, superior drummer for drums and Trillian for bass.

    Tuning: Standard 440

    Tempo: 95 BPM

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