Melodic Tapping 1: Freedom of a Lonely...

by Christian Vidal

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  • Hi GMC!, This is a tapping lesson and it's based on a C major progression.
    The chords are C, F, Am, G and Ab .we'll be playing C major scale over all chords but Ab, over that chord, we're gonna be playing Cm scale instead.
    Good news is that there are only two notes to be tapped on this lesson, C (3rd string,17th fret) and
    F (2nd string, 18 th fret).Those notes will be tapped with your index and middle fingers of your right hand,respectively.

    We applied hammer ons of your Left hand for almost every note of the C triad at the end of the Lick.
    The tapped notes in this case are C (5th string 15th fret) played with your index finger of your right hand, and C (1st string 20th fret), on that note you can use the ring finger or your Pink finger of your right hand.
    Actually this is the intro of my new song called "Libertad de un corazon solitario"(the freedom of a lonely heart)

    I hope you enjoy it.

    C arpeggio

    C major

    C minor

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