Metal Metrics 4

by Cosmin Lupu

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  • Hello GMC!

    I thought it would be a good idea to strip the Metal Metrics concept as much as possible, in order to offer good insight on what really matters when riffing. So, I emphasized on a few elements which are the most important in my opinion: Groove, palm muting and tight playing, slides, bending, vibrato and artificial harmonics.

    In this lesson we shall apply all these elements consciously, so that we may observe how they affect a riff structure and bring it to life giving it tightness, color and attitude! It’s interesting to see how they all work together, so let’s rock on this easygoing but expressive riff!

    What can you develop with the aid of this lesson:

    - riff building techniques
    - right hand development
    - rhythm
    - accuracy
    - expression

    Tuning: Drop C (C G C F A D)

    Meter: 4/4

    Tonality: C minor

    Tone settings:
    Bass – 10 o’clock
    Mids – 9 o’clock
    Highs – 1 o’clock
    Gain – 1 o’clock
    I'm using the lead channel of my AMT ss20 Pre-amp.

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