Michael Romeo Tapping

by Chowy Fernandez

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • Helloo GMC!

    This time I'm pleased to be playing something similar to the style of Michael Romeo from Symphony X (highly recommendable stuff).
    It's all about concentrating on min7 and maj7 arpeggios. There's also a semi-diminished and everything's played with string skipping and tapping, 3 notes per string, plus legato.

    As I always tell you, first practise slowly and listen to yourself. Try to avoid noise, but if you can't be clean at first don't worry. The important thing is to refine your hammer-ons and pull-offs in the tapping to their best. Your left hand needs to apply enough strength to make it sound really neat.

    Once you've incorporated the technique, try changing the chords, including tensions or out-of-scale notes. It's really useful to visualize these figures when playing melodies - usually, they sound really cool. You could do the same thing, but using 2 notes per string without tapping.

    I hope you like and practise this exercise. It will make your fingers really fly!!

    See ya next time. Cheers!

    Tuning :

    guitar tuned down one step

    From 6th string to 1st strings these are the notes:

    D G C F A D


    POD distortion: dual tredplate head and tredplate 4x12 cabinet.


    E min 7 - E flat maj 7 - G min 7 - G semi diminished - C minor




    E minor7 apreggio

    E flat maj 7 arpeggio

    G min7 arpeggio

    G semi-diminished arpeggio

    C minor apreggios

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