Modern Blues

by Jonathan Burgos

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  • Hello again people!
    Today we will study a bit of blues, the soul and foundation of all good rock guitarists. As I mentioned in other lessons of blues, this style, besides being completely sensitive and special, it is important to expand into other styles such as melodic, rock, hard rock, funk, etc. We can define the blues as the foundation of most modern styles.

    Today we'll be studying with a nice backing track sensual, melodic with a bit of soul. Pay attention to the phrases, silences, the vibrato, the bending, all these elements constitute professional guitarist, measuring the level of how to implement these elements and their creativity and inspiration. And always remember what I say: “The guitar is the voice of the guitarist”.

    Cm – F7 – G# – Gm – Fm – G7

    Alternate picking

    C Minor Pentatonic + Blue note

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