Neoclassic Madness

by Marius Pop

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  • Difficulty: 9
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  • Hi guys, I am back with another lesson :)
    This time everything is about speed and arpeggios.

    The tune is a pretty standard neoclassic one. There are 26 arpeggios (some of them are repeating) for you to learn and try to play as fast as you can. Start really slow at first, try to play as clean as you can and build speed step by step. Use palm muting to mute the strings you are not using to get a clean sound.

    There is something to learn for everybody in this lesson, there is a nice chord progression, a bunch of arpeggios and an aggressive heavy riff. I tabed everything for you, I created 3 backing tracks at different speeds (60, 100 and 170 bpm) and a loop at 170 bpm.

    Take it easy!


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