Nevermore Style - New Orb

by Attila Voros

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  • Dear GMC-ers,
    After touring in Japan and the States I've had time again to do some lessons for You. The first two are going to be some "Nevermore-ish" kind for lead and rhythm. Here’s one which is more focused on rhythm playing. The tuning is standard Eb with a 7 string electric guitar, which is a common tuning for a NM song.

    I put that little drum fill to the first bar on purpose. Sometimes a song can start with a complex drum fill or any other musical effects rather than just a single 4 drum beats. Well, this one might not be the most complicated, but I think it will work out pretty good as a starter.

    * Heavy Down Picking
    * Alternate Pickings
    * Hammer-ons
    * Pull-offs
    * Bends
    * Finger Picking

    I would suggest you guys to practice everything slow and than work on on your speed. This way you can take breakthrough easier and faster.

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * My Personal Board
    * General Forum

    Cheerio!/ Attila

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