Pedal Steel Guitar Country Solo

by Cosmin Lupu

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  • Hello GMC!

    This new lesson is a good opportunity to work on bending skills - in the context of a country solo, based on licks which resemble a pedal steel guitar!

    What is a pedal steel guitar?

    The pedal steel guitar is a type of electric guitar that uses a metal bar to "fret" or shorten the length of the strings, rather than fingers on strings as with a conventional guitar. Unlike other types of steel guitar, it also uses pedals and knee levers to affect the pitch, hence the name "pedal" steel guitar. The word "steel" in the name comes from the metal tone bar, which is called a "steel", and which acts as a movable fret, shortening the effective length of the string or strings being plucked as the player moves it up and down the neck with one hand. The instrument is horizontal with the strings facing up and is typically plucked with thumb-pick and fingers or (two or three) finger picks.

    When one plays the pedal steel guitar, notes usually overlap one another in a beautiful way, thus creating very specific melodies.

    Here's what you should be able to improve if you master this lesson:

    - bending and vibrato control
    - pedal steel guitar oriented phrasing

    Key: C major
    Tuning: standard EADGBE
    Progression: Csus2, Gsus4/B, Am7, F5, Csus2, F5, Csus2

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