Petrucci Melody Build Up

by Chowy Fernandez

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  • Difficulty: 6
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  • HI GMC!

    Here we are again, playing the guitar as usual! I expect you also play every day, because magic is 70% practice and you never
    stop learning! That's what makes guitar playing more and more interesting as time goes by!!

    In this lesson we'll see how to develop a melody gradually. It's a fragment of a song called "Espejismo Interior" ("Inner Mirage"),
    included in my first solo album which I'm recording at present. I wanted to make it a lesson 'cause I feel it's very
    helpful to show you how to compose a melody and recreate a little of John Petrucci's (DREAM THEATER) style, especially the
    stuff in his spectacular, state-of-the-art solo albums.

    We start with an intro, then comes the A riff that keeps on when the main melody begins and then is followed by the
    B riff, which is the chorus of he song.

    The tone is F sharp major, but the diminished scale is also used to give the song a darker feel. The main melody is in the
    F sharp major scale. I also use the Debussy scale (Debussy was a fantastic pianist and composer who invented this scale), which
    consists of either going up tone by tone or in this way: semitone, tone, semitone, tone, etc. This scale is also known as
    hexatonic. Famous examples of the hexatonic scale include the whole tone scale, C D E F# G# A# C; the augmented scale, C D# E G Ab B C;
    the Prometheus scale, C D E F# A Bb C; and what some theorists call the "blues scale", C Eb F F# G Bb C.

    I hope you enjoy the lesson. Practise a lot and see you next time!!

    Tuning :

    guitar tuned one step down

    from 6th string to 1st these are the notes:

    D G C F A D

    It´s a lower tuning, for heavier sounds, special for this kind of music with heavy riffs!!


    F# - B minor - G - E minor


    twin guitars


    F# major arpegio

    B pentatonic minor scale

    F# harmonic minor

    G lydian scale

    E pentatonic minor scale

    Debussy scale

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