Pivot Bass Note

by Vasilije Vukmirovic

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  • Hi GMC!

    Let’s examine how we can go trough various harmonies while keeping one note in the bass. In this case pivot note will be note C, and harmony will consist of almost all of popular chords, major, minor, diminished, major 7, minor 7, minor 7-5, and 5ths.

    When you have simple harmonic approach, in this case one note being repeated many times, you have few ways of “making it interesting”: changing tempo, changing rhythm, playing in different octaves, or playing with intervals. In this example last two ways are used.

    We basically skip chord tones, playing every second one, or in case of 5th and dim7, playing larger intervals such as 5ths. In case of having one musical element being repeated, the lesson is to exploit other elements such as rhythm, tempo, tonalities, intervals, sound and such.


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