RnB Fills

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my RnB lesson!

    RnB is a music genre that combines elements of rhythm and blues, pop, soul, funk and hip hop. It's a music full of emotions. At first it was based on blues guitar and striking vocals, but later on it has been coined by slow rap music, where the actual phrase rhythm and blues is no longer relevant. In this lesson I shared 4 guitars split into four parts, each with their own special place in a whole piece.

    Hope you'll enjoy this lesson!

    Guitar : Ibanez Sc 3120

    Equipment : Sonar8 DAW, Guitar Rig5 plugin

    Tempo :80 bpm

    Signature : 4/4

    Chord progression : Cm7, F7/9, G#, D#7M

    Key signature : C minor

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