Rhythm and Claw

by Chris Shofner

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  • In this lesson we explore hybrid picking - using a standard pick and clawing additional strings with our middle and ring fingers on the right hand.

    This exercise is in the key of A and progresses through the D, G, and A chords. These licks work equally well in both rhythm and lead situations.


    Chicken Pickin' Techniques:

    Claw Picking
    Double-Stop Pull-Offs

    Tuning: Standard - EADGBE

    Key: D

    Tempo: 105bpm

    Time Signature: 4/4

    Gear: Partscaster Tele with Kinman Broadcaster pickups, Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue

    Riff #3 (video #4) uses the D pentatonic scale.

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