Schenker Style Hammer Ons

by Ben Higgins

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    THE PROFESSOR Getting the Aeolian Mode and Minor Pentatonic Scales under your fingers will help you rip these Michael Schenker patterns!

    Welcome to my new lesson!

    We're taking a closer look at the signature hammer-on style of Michael Schenker!

    Michael's playing is based heavily around the minor pentatonic scale and is full of super precise string bending and accurate hammer on technique. His tone is particularly famous for using a Wah pedal in the half cocked position.

    For anyone unfamiliar with Michael's playing I recommend they check out his first solo album, with songs like 'Into the Arena' showcasing his brilliant choice of melodies and perfect bending.

    This lesson will work on:

    - Hammer on technique
    - Phrasing
    - String bending
    - Timing

    Are you "Armed and Ready"? Let's go!

    Tuning: E A D G B E Standard Tuning

    Tempo: 120bpm

    Gear: Marshall JVM 410H. OD1, Red setting. BASS 2, MID 4, TREB 8, GAIN 4


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